Hope you're doing great. My name is Cris a 20 year old asian female.

I have this skin problem since childhood, actually they are now really old scars or hyperpigmentation from childhood scratches and wounds like 15 years ago. Be warned as I have images of it attached here,they aren't exactly pleasing to the eyes. The thing is I have been living with it since I can remember when so apparently now I that I am grown up it has become a major factor of my low self-esteem as I cannot go outside or even inside the house wearing shorts because it's just disgusting. I even the idea of swimming because of it.

Now, I am writing to you because in less than two months we have this party at school that will require me to wear a somehow revealing dress which is already freaking me out because it's gonna show the body parts (especially the knees) where I have unlimited pennies on.

I have decided to consult a dermatologist about it and before I come in for a check up, I would like your opinion on this. I mean I want that consult to be like the second opinion and yours as the basis. What I would really like to ask are:

1. What kind of treatment would I expect that the dermatologist will suggest that I undergo.

2. How long will it take to see results.

3. How much would it cost me.

I hope I have this laid out clearly for you, and will be waiting for your response.

Thanks for listening.

Dermatofibroma. These are benign dermal nodules that represent a focal proliferation of fibroblasts; the overlying epidermis is slightly thickened. Their occurrence is not unusual in children and adolescents. Dermatofibromas are firm and may be black, red, brown, or flesh-colored. Their diameter generally ranges from 0.5 to l.5 cm, although they may occasionally be larger. Dermatofibromas may be solitary or multiple, and they develop either spontaneously or after minor trauma to the skin, such as an insect bite. Most are asymptomatic but sometimes may be painful on palpation. A very useful diagnostic maneuver is executed by exerting lateral pressure on the lesion. The skin overlying a dermatofibroma will frequently dimple. Dermatofibromas require surgical treatment only when they are of cosmetic concern to the patient. However, biopsy analysis is occasionally required in order to confirm the diagnosis and to differentiate it from more serious disorders. Healing after surgery can take a few weeks.


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