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QUESTION: What if any infections can you get from used clothing, shoes, ect. I refuse to wear someone else's bra even though some people have told me its fine. I won't wear used underwear or socks but what about all the other clothing items like shirts, pants, shoes, ect/ I already have Athletes Foot. I'm not 100% sure where I picked it up but I don't need another infection.

ANSWER: Diseases that can be passed on by clothing are of the scabies/lice/pubic lice type. These critters and their eggs can remain on clothing and be passed to others. Washing clothes with soap and hot water, followed by drying in a hot dryer, will take care of this. HIV cannot be transmitted via clothing (unless the clothing is blood soaked, in which case you probably wouldn't wear it. Fungal infections can be transferred from used clothing. Bacterial infection can be transferred as well as herpes if the clothing is not washed and only 1-2 hours old.

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QUESTION: so how likely is it and how long does it take to transfer? Suppose I go to a store and try on a pair of shoes that umpteen million other people have tried on. Will I pick up something that quick?

Some fungi are harmlessly present all the time in areas of the body such as the mouth, skin, intestines, and vagina, but are prevented from multiplying through competition from bacteria. Other fungi are dealt with that embodies immune system and its defenses against infection. Fungal infections are more common and serious in people who are taking long-term antibiotics that destroy bacteria, and in those who are taking drugs used to suppress the immune system. These infections more commonly involve people with an immune deficiency disorder. Fungal infections are described as opportunistic because they take advantage of the victim's lowered defenses. Some fungal infections are also more common in people with diabetes mellitus. A warm, moist atmosphere encourages the development of fungal skin infections.
If you pick up a fungal infection, you will know within 1-3 weeks.


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