I was recently prescribed Vaniqa for Hirsutism and I have questions I was hoping you could answer.

- Will Vaniqa reduce the size of the individual hair as well as how much hair regrows?

- If I stop using Vaniqa after a considerable amount of time, will the re growth be bigger than before or the same as before using it?

- Does Vaniqa increase the likelihood of wrinkles?

- When using sunscreen with Vaniqa, which should I apply first? I am asking this because on sunscreen bottles it says it has to be applied first to be effective but the Vaniqa tube also says that Vaniqa needs to be applied first before anything else.

- Also, I have a fear of getting wrinkles/ premature aging and was hoping you could give me advice to avoid wrinkles. Also, do you think face yoga works or do you think its a gimmick?

Thank you for reading and I will look forward to your reply.

1) Vaniqua works by slowing the growth cycle not the diameter of the hair.
2) if you stop Vaniqua the hair will grow back the same amount, not more
3) Vaniqua does not cause wrinkles.
4) zap ply Vaniqua first and then the sun screen
5)yoga does not work for hair growth
6) have you had your hormones tested? You may have a condition called PCOS which causes the hair growth because you body produces too much testosterone.


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