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I just recently discovered tiny little bumps on my pubic area. They're a bit itchy but not painful. I am an active sexual individual, I looked around on the Internet yo see what they are but I am really scared if it is herpes. But the unusual part again is they don't hurt. Just itchy, I did poor some rubbing alcohol down there though.

Can you please tell me it is of what it could possibly be? I am also going to see my doctor to have her opinion.

Without seeing your rash it is almost impossible to make a diagnosis. What I can tell you is that you do not have herpes. Herpes rashes are painful and usually do not itch. Itchy rashes are irritants or contact dermatitis meaning allergic rashes. Itchy rashes can be caused by: creams, lotions, detergents, sweating, clogged pores called folliculitis, and others.


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