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Hi, In the past month or so I have had red, occasionally slightly raised spots around my perineum and my outer labia. They are always 1mm to 5mm in diameter and tend to come and go, even within the space of one day but I always have at least one. I went to my local GUM clinic and was told by doctors that they are not a sexually transmitted disease and most likely a reaction to something. I have stopped using scented shower gels etc, but have seen no improvement after a week. I was advised not to bother seeing anyone else about it unless they got worse but would really like a suggestion as to what they are/ how to get rid of them?!
Thank you

What you have is an irritant or contact dermatitis. Cause include: soaps, lotions, creams, detergents, cleansers, and others. A dermatologist can do patch test to find out what agent is. You can try OTC Cortaid or Cortisone 10 twice a day and see if that helps treat your rash.


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