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Dear Doctor,
How are you? My foreskin keeps attaching to my glands but it is not painful. Many a times, I painstakingly pull it back (not without discomfort), washed it but a couple of days later it starts attaches back. I spoke to many general practitioners, who looked at it and doesn't seems to bother. In your opinion, what is it? I was treated with yeast infection before. I enclose herewith a pic for your referral.

Thank you.

Presumably you are retracting the foreskin to wash your penis head in the shower. Stop using soap -- just wash your penis head thoroughly and regularly with running water and use your fingers gently to rub it clean. Then push your foreskin back over the head. Do this for a week or more and see if it makes a difference. Another possibility is that you have a yeast infection. Try prescription Vytone Cream or Dermazene twice a day. These two medications have a mild cortisone and an iodine compound that kills, bacteria, yeast and other infections.


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