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Dermatology/I have a rash. am i allergic to something?


I'm a 17 year old female. I keep getting this odd ichy rash. I only seem to get it when I pet my sisters guinea pig. It has never gotten this bad before though. I get it on my arms every time. the left arm is always more severe than the other. Im thinking the rash may have gotten worse because I petted two cats today while visiting my grandmother. Is there some medicine I can take that will prevent me from getting the rash? Do you think that it's an allergic reaction? Unfortunately my phone isn't allowing me to add a photo of this rash but I'll do my best to describe it. Its small red dots. And they are not raised. They are pretty close together. and itchy.

Yes, you have an allergic reaction to the cats and guinea pig. Treatment of the rash is with prescription topical medication like Clobetasol Cream. You can try topicals like Ivy Block and see if that will prevent the rash. You can go to an allergist and get desensitized.


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