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Hey Doc. I'm a 42 yo male in reasonably good health. For several years I have noticed large bald spots on both shins. The area is in the same spot on both legs. Smooth with no hair or growth. Any ideas?

Men that experience bald spots and hair loss on their legs may become concerned at the cause of the problem. It's important to understand what loss of hair on the legs can indicate.
Hair loss on the legs can be identified by visible smooth, bald patches or by an overall decrease in thickness. Some men notice hair loss in places where pants and socks rub, while others have patches missing in random places.

Hair located on the legs in places such as on the lower shins and between the thighs may become thin or patchy because of consistent friction from jeans or socks. Wearing looser-fitting clothing may help to regrow or stop hair loss in these areas.

Alopecia areata and alopecia universalis are conditions that result in hair loss on any part of the body or all parts of the body. Some men develop alopecia areata and alopecia universalis because it runs in the family. It can be treated with hair transplants, topical creams or steroid injections.

Atherosclerosis is the narrowing of veins in the pulmonary system. While atherosclerosis is usually associated with the veins near the heart and in the abdomen, the narrowing of arteries can also change the blood flow to the surface of the skin in the legs. Hair loss on the legs, along with a shiny, smooth skin texture, can indicate atherosclerosis.

Bacterial infections of the skin that result in sores, boils or feverish red spots can cause hair loss in the surrounding skin tissues and result in hair loss.  


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