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Dermatology/Am I A Lupus Suspect or Cancer?


do not know where to start..I am female/54/diabetic/bad control/post meno/anxiety/hypertension/high lipids/stomach issues like reflux and IBS, maybe mid March was very sick with sinusitis..that began the weird lip swelling..first the half of my top lip..moved to half of low lip..(outer lips) and my tongue on either the tip or side at a time..take benadryl everywhere I rhyme or reason..kept food list..meds too..on 2 different insulins. glucatrol xl., benicar, metformin, protonix, tranxene, OTc like pepto bismol and mylanta and alka end of May it still far either ip or tongue...afraid of getting in windpipe..Dr seems unconcerned..I noticed suddenly american cheese then breaded chicken at Jacks but not kfs, then ate an egg and in grocery store 5 hrs later it did it...then when daughter sat by me it happened on my lip right then..sriving me crazt; scared for my life as Benadryl takes a few hrs to work and some tmes I sleep thru night from benadryl and places get smaller but go away the next me..and another happened once when I had ONE bite of a cheddar cheese I foolisly swallowed my pills with a swig of mylanta and pepto and then it happened on tongue..only thing ate earlier was a tiny chicken finger from Jacks...IF I ever got swollen in windpipe would I feel aa lump like my tongue and lips do or would I just start to smother???have had hives three times on arms from excessive itching...and on tongue are several lear/white looking raised places...white streak down mid tongue that yeast med Diflucan did not help when I tool it 5 days

You have a skin condition called angioedema which is a form of urticaria. You can try the non-sedating antihistamines like Claritin or Allegra or Zrytec. However the best thing to do is to go to an allergist and get skin tested to find out which foods are causing your angioedema.


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