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Hello.. Hope you are fine.. I'm Sarah . My age will be 23 next month.
My skin is of that kind which gets easily irritated..
1. Applying Sunscreen with SPF 15 will only protect for short time. That's why I use Chemical-free sunscreen with SPF 60 (titium dioxide and zinc oxide based)..

But at night, I use gram flour to wash my face because all other things irritate my face.. So how can i effectively wear off sunscreen so that the traces of sunscreen are fully removed from face ??  

2. And will Retinol irritate my skin??
Is there any natural ingredient having retinol ??

3. I can't afford botox.. So, how about applying almond oil on face?? Will it

reverse the aging lines?
I've heard applying almond/olive oil will grow facial hair.. So is it true? I'm afraid

to use these oils because I don't want facial hair..

Waiting for your answer.. Thank you alot alot alot.. You're sooo nice..
Take good care of yourself..

1) you should at least use an SPF of 50 on your face 2-3 times a day. An SPF of 30 is not that effective for protection from the sun.
2) the best ingredient to use on your face for wrinkles is Retin A  0.025  every night. A pea size amount to your face every night. However, you will need a prescription for this topical medication. You can add a moisturizer like Cerave Lotion if needed.
3)Great as an anti aging agent. Being a rich source of antioxidants, the almond oil is effective at fading and removing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It helps smooth out skin complexion and minimizes the appearance of such lines, giving a more youthful and balanced look. It is also commonly used to remove dark circles around the eyes. However, Retin A is more effective than Almond Oil.


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