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Dermatology/Tiny white bumps all over children.


John wrote at 2014-06-18 10:32:10
We had the same experience when our little boy caught molluscum at pre-school. We thought it was just a rash but it got worse and worse. After many months we took him to a medical specialist who suggested either minor surgery or just leave it and do nothing! ... and we paid her good money for the advice.

The problem with the advice from doctors to just leave it is that it is contagious. So then his little sister caught it followed by our new born. It wasn't long until my husband and I also caught it.

We understandably had had enough by this stage - late as it was. We researched the net and talk to our mothers in detail and it turns out that there is and has been a natural cure for molluscum bumps for decades. We used apple cider vinegar, clove oil and we covered them over. We also found a very detail information site with loads of pictures and sensible help

It took a while because by this stage the children had hundreds of bumps each but we got on top of these horrid little bumps.


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