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hi i am 24 years old and never had sex or any kind of physical relationship with anybody.
i have some growth along the shaft of my penis and on the head as well near the hole.
the growth i am having is numerous little white things made of flesh and it seems like they are growing from inside,i can peel them off,it doesn't hurts and neither does it feels
there are little white spots left when the growth is not there.
the growth sometimes appear to have grown and sometimes it is clear(though white spots still remain there.)

there is no pain whatsoever and no secretion.
during masturbation some of them get detached from the root and i can take it in my hand it is just white skin.

i got it checked out by a dermatologist and he said it is not due to any STD or an STI he prescribed me coconut oil and tacrolimus ointment 0.1% it has been 20 days and there is no relief
i am very worried about it what could it be ??

Milia are commonly found on the skin of people of all ages. They are formed when keratin (a substance produced by the skin) becomes entrapped beneath the outer layer of the skin, forming a tiny cyst. An individual milium (the singular of milia) is formed at the base of a hair follicle or sweat gland.

Milia can be categorized as either primary or secondary. Primary milia are formed directly from entrapped keratin and are usually found on the faces of infants and adults. Secondary milia are also tiny cysts and look similar, but these develop after something clogs the ducts leading to the skin surface, such as after an injury, burn, or blistering of the skin.

Primary or secondary milia in an adult may disappear on their own, but your doctor may treat you with one of the following:
Piercing each milium with a sterile lancet or scalpel followed by removal of the cyst material with a tool called a comedone extractor
Topical retinoid cream such as tretinoin, tazarotene, or adapalene
A series of acid peels or microdermabrasion procedures at the dermatologist's office


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