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I'm hoping you can shed some light on this awful bump I have on my leg. It's a hard bump on top of my skin, painless and feels like hard skin.  It's been there for about 8 years and I've tried everything including wart remover to get rid of it.  When I use the wart remover it gets rid of the middle part of it but comes back and now it looks slightly darker.  It's so embarrassing and I'm wondering what it is and how to get rid of it?

You have what is called a dermatofibroma which is a type of scar tissue. The only way to remove the lesion is through surgery.
These are benign dermal nodules that represent a focal proliferation of fibroblasts; the overlying epidermis is slightly thickened. Their occurrence is not unusual in children and adolescents. Dermatofibromas are firm and may be black, red, brown, or flesh-colored. Their diameter generally ranges from 0.5 to l.5 cm, although they may occasionally be larger. Dermatofibromas may be solitary or multiple, and they develop either spontaneously or after minor trauma to the skin, such as an insect bite. Most are asymptomatic but sometimes may be painful on palpation. A very useful diagnostic maneuver is executed by exerting lateral pressure on the lesion. The skin overlying a dermatofibroma will frequently dimple. Dermatofibromas require surgical treatment only when they are of cosmetic concern to the patient. However, biopsy analysis is occasionally required in order to confirm the diagnosis and to differentiate it from more serious disorders.


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