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Dermatology/Skin lesion on a 7-year-old


My daughter is 7-years-old. A few months ago I noticed a small red bump on her arm. It looks like a mole, but it's a bit more raised and it's pink. It's probably about 5mm in diameter, regular in shape and is sort of tucked in at the base, if that makes any sense. At first I dismissed it as just an oddly-colored mole but then I Googled it (I know, terrible idea) and decided that it was a cherry angioma. I initially wasn't concerned about melanoma because I am in an at-risk category myself so am very familiar with the ABCDE system, and this didn't meet any of those criteria. I did schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, which we had to wait a couple of months for, and then we ended up having to reschedule it which has put it off for another 45 days. This evening I started to wonder if it really was a cherry angioma because it is pale in color, and the photos of seen of cherry angiomas are all very bright red. So I Googled it again and learned that it could be a dermatofibroma or a Spitz nevus or possibly a melanoma, which can be indistinguishable from Spitz nevis. I also learned that the ABCDE criteria doesn't really apply to pediatric melanoma.

So now I'm angry at myself for not taking this more seriously and I'm wondering if my delay in seeking treatment could have catastrophic consequences. Should I be worried that we won't be able to see a dermatologist for another month and a half? If it is a melanoma, could that delay mean the difference between Stage 1 or 2 and Stage 3?

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Without seeing the lesion it is difficult to make a diagnosis. I doubt if the lesion is a melanoma as they are very rare in children. When you touch the lesion does it seem to have more substance deeper in the skin. If so then the lesion is a dermatofibroma. Other wise it is most likely an Angiomas. See the dermatologist to make sure of the diagnosis.


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