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Hi, about a year ago I developed a small growth near my bottom eyelashes. When I tried to pull on it or mess with it sometimes part of the skin of it will come off but it has bled, too so I haven't tried to pull at it anymore. I have an appt but it's a ways off so wanted to know if this looks like some type of wart or something to be concerned about?  One other question, I get these tiny bumps that look like whiteheads but they are not. If I ever able to remove the tiny white ball? Inside it will always come back in the exact same spots. I do realize I shouldn't be attempting to remove anything :) Any clue what I'm talking about? Here's a pic of the eye. Note that the shape can change a but from time to time. Sometimes the growth is longer and partied the skin on tip will come off but again never leaves.

Milia are a common skin condition that is noncancerous and affects people of all ages. Milia appear as small white bumps and are the result of skin that does not slough off normally being trapped in a hair follicle or sweat gland. Some milia may occur after an injury or blistering of the skin and have appeared on people suffering from sun-damaged skin. The condition may also occur following the long term use of topical steroids. Milia can occur in all ages, races and both genders.


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