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Dermatology/whitish spots on penis head


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For awhile know I have been wondering what these spots are on my penis head and if I should be concerned. the spots have a smoother feel then the area around them, i dont feel any itching or burning in my groin area. While I have neglect to clean the are and I do have smegma I have not found any info related to what i see on my head. Thank you for time.

The pictures are not that clear but the white spots could be early vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a disease in which the pigment cells of the skin, melanocytes, are destroyed in certain areas.
Vitiligo results in depigmented, or white, patches of skin in any location on the body.
Vitiligo can be focal and localized to one area, or it may affect several different areas on the body.
The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown, although most experts believe that it is an autoimmune condition in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys certain cells within the body.
Most people who have vitiligo will develop the condition prior to age 40; about half develop it before age 20.
Vitiligo tends to run in families.
Vitiligo is sometimes associated with other medical conditions, includingthyroid dysfunction.
Vitiligo is not painful and does not have significant health consequences; however, it can have emotional and psychological consequences.
Some medical treatments can reduce the severity of the condition, but it can be difficult to cure.


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