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penis pimples
penis pimples  
QUESTION: Hı doctor, I'm a 25 y.o male. I got small tiny pimples started two months ago on the right side of my penis shaft, scattered not clustered, white or pinkish in color, countable, gradually increased in number and spread to back of shaft and left side of it and I just found out a new one on the head of penis. No pain no tender no bleeding no crusting no itching no pus no erythema.I can feel them with my eyes closed. No urinary systemic problems not even any erectile or ejaculation problems.
I'm freaking out and so desperate. Please help me to know what it is and how to get rid of it.

ANSWER: Typically lichen nitidus presents as a localised bumpy skin eruption involving the flexor aspects of the forearms, backs of hands, the penis, chest, abdomen and buttocks, although any site can be involved including the face.

The papules (bumps) have the following characteristics:

pinpoint to pinhead size – 1-2mm diameter
round or polygonal shape
skin coloured, less commonly yellow, red-brown or violet
hypo- or hyperpigmented in dark skinned patients
rarely, tiny blisters (vesicles)
rarely, a central depression (umbilication)
clustered in groups, which can become confluent to form plaques
often found over elbows and knees so they may resemble psoriasis
localised or rarely generalised
usually asymptomatic but they can be itchy
The Köbner or isomorphic phenomenon is common, appearing as lichen nitidus papules arranged in a line along scratch mark sites.

Light: including sunlight, narrowband UVB phototherapy and photochemotherapy (PUVA)
Topical corticosteroids
Topical calcineurin inhibitors (tacrolimus and pimecrolimus)
Contact sensitisation with DNCB or diphencyprone

In severe cases, systemic treatments may be considered, including:
Retinoids – acitretin
Astemizole (antihistamine, a selective H1 antagonist)
Isoniazid (antibiotic often used to treat tuberculosis)

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same day of nitrogen liquid therapy
same day of nitrogen l  
QUESTION: Thanks for replying so soon.I forgot to mention that I am sexually active and have had this condition started after last contact two and half months ago
And my girl friend has no similar condition and her vagina looks pretty fine to me.
It started with one solid round well defined whitish to brown color raising nodule/papule on my right side of scrotum. Nothing to complain from but the look. So I never cared. One month later I started to get these little tiny white dots which I asked u about earlier this message. I went to a doctor who did a minor surgery to extract the material was inside the papule. I asked him about it and about the tiny dots and he said they are cholesterol cysts. And nothing to worry about.
One month exactly and it spread all over the back of shaft and two has newely appeared on the head of penis. Yesterday I went to see another doctor and he said it looks like molluscum contagiosum. He asked if I want to do the nitrogen liquid therapy and I agreed. He did it over some of it and gave me prescribed antiseptic and fucidic acid. Told me to visit next week to check if the therapy is going well.
I feel terrible and I got anorexia because of it.I can't take it any more. I feel the disease is extending and no one seems to know what I have. It looks so bad when to look at it but dont feel anything. And I'm afraid to death to get any sensational symptoms.

Please can you take another look at it and tell me what possibly it could be.?

He said that some of it are umbilicated and dimpled while others are not. So what is that supposed to be?

Thank you so much for helping I know you are giving us your precious time. Thank so much

The lesion do not look like Molluscum as there is no umbilication in the center of the lesion. Since the other doctor said they were cholesterol deposits that is also no consistent with Molluscum. Since pictures are not the same as seeing the skin lesions in person if the lesion were Molluscum there is an over he counter method of treatment called MolluscumRX which you could get on line. I still believe the lesions are lichen nitidus. You could have the doctor do a small biopsy and send the lesion to a dermatopathologist.


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