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I had a single small sore on my glans. It started out as a somewhat square dark discoloration under the skin with that area appearing to be slightly swollen. It then appeared to lift to the surface and turned into a single sore that lasted several weeks and was really painful. There was some light red discoloration - a rose colored patch of skin surrounding the sore connected to a thin small line of the same color that curved around the head of the glans toward the urethra hole. There may have been some irritation when urinating but I also might have been imagining it because I was a bit freaked out. I still am.  It healed after about three weeks and now there is a small roundish white bump under the skin of the glans where the sore was.  It is slightly painful when I masterbate and ejaculate. I know there is likely something wrong and it needs to be checked out but I am unsure what kind of doctor to see and because I am embarrassed. I am married and have been faithful so I am not sure how I could have contacted a STD unless I caught it over ten years ago before we were married and it was dormant until now. The other possibility of course is that I got it from my wife. She gets single sores around her mouth regularly but is careful to avoid kissing and oral sex when they appear or she feels it coming on. Perhaps she gave it to me when performing oral sex. Can you provide me with some insight on what the white bump under the skin might be, cancer? An STD? Also can you recommend a doctor to me that I can see that would handle this kind of issue? I live in New York City. I am bit freaked out and I also am embarrassed.  Thank you for your help.  -William

A white bump under the ski is usually a milia which is a type of cyst that should be extracted by a doctor. An alternative diagnosis is scar tissue. Since I can not able to see the lesion to make a diagnosis, I recommend you visit your local dermatologist for a diagnosis and treatment.


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