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Hello Dr. Fisher,

About a week ago I noticed strange elongated bumps come up on the top of my hand. I thought it was from a lotion I used (I have somewhat sensitive skin). I washed my hands thoroughly but they remained there. I don't have the bumps anywhere else nor do I have any track marks between my fingers or toes. They are in a cluster and pretty itchy if they rub up against anything else. I have no hx eczema or chronic dermal issues. There are a lot of mosquitoes in my area but they don't feel or look the same as mosquito bites. The area around the bumps is somewhat inflamed.
I hope you can help and I look forward to hearing from you.


From your explanation you have an irritant or contact dermatitis which is a form of allergic reaction. Treatment is with prescription topical cortisone like Clobetasol  Cream twice a day. I can only make an assumption since I cannot see your skin lesion. If you want to be sure of the diagnosis see your local dermatologist for a diagnosis and treatment.


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