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Over the past eight months, I have noticed that I developed lots of bulging veins on the backs and wrinkles on the bottoms/palms of my feet and hands. Why is this??? I don't smoke, work out or go out in the sun at all (and when I do, which is pretty rare, I always wear sunscreen). I also don't eat loads of junk food. Does skin really age that quickly? I am only 21 years old!!!! And I have good aging genes too, looking at my family. I can't think why this is. Is there anything I can do to change it, or prevent it from getting worse?

What are hand veins?
In most cases, hand veins are normal, healthy veins that have become more visible. They are not diseased, however they can be unattractive. Many patients choose to have them treated for cosmetic reasons.

What causes hand veins?
Many people develop large bulging veins on the backs of their hands as they get older. Generally, this is due to their skin relaxing and thinning with age. This causes the veins to become more noticeable and appear enlarged.

Normally, these veins do not cause pain and are typically treated for cosmetic reasons.

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