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Dermatology/Weird whitish red coloured pattern and a lump on my penis lower side skin


White Bump on lower side
White Bump on lower si  
QUESTION: hello doc,
OK so make me clear.. I'm 21 year old and I'm still virgin haven't encountered in any type of sexual activity till now..Just Masturbation .

So , i have these white-red colored patches on my penis skin on the down side and i don't know how ?? it may due to the excess of masturbation i guess.....and also a little not too big white bump as you can see through images..its just feel like a pimple on face..
Though it has appeared it on my penis skin from past 3-3.5 years.. yes that big time but that time it does not look that starts with that white bump on lower side..and it looks like in the pic right now,, it does not hurt or pain but sometimes it itches ..and i scratch a little bit not always sometimes very softly and may be that i that the skin have become more reddish..but itching really comes sometimes..

I can tell you that I'm perfectly sexually healthy as  i have no problems in masturbation at all its just this look on my penis makes me feel really embarrassed...
i don't know what disease it is.. as I'm from India i can't go to any doc myself as any body knows here in my country then they make fun and everybody knows of it at least now i have no option rather than asking here,,

I wish if you help me well and solve me make this weird thing disappear..or to reduce it less as i'm really embarrassed to share or talk to anyone with my this problem..

If there is any medicine or any cream that is not dangerous i can take it from medical shop...

ANSWER: The lesions look like scar tissue or keloids from trauma or irritation. To make sure of the diagnosis I would see a dermatologist and get a skin biopsy of one of the lesions.

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the white red pattern
the white red pattern  
QUESTION: So if it is not much serious like any STD related disease infact by being virgin ??  If i'll be have normal intercourse irrespective of the current condition on my penis ??

Currently these months i can't go as i don't know if skin dermatologist can see skin of body parts other than the private parts too or not??

also i have attached another pic which was not uploaded at first time could you please also check these patterns look like as it is in healing stage... also any wound on my other part does not heal completely ..i'd on my leg and still the skin does not heal completely even after 1 year..
so do you think the problem will be in my body skin repairing issues ??
i could attach another pic of the wound on my leg which i get 2 years from now..might you'll get idea what's wrong..

ANSWER: I need to see the wound on your leg.

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wound on my knee
wound on my knee  

burn due to hot silencer
burn due to hot silenc  
QUESTION: The first pic is of wound i get from falling down from the bus on the road and i got wound on my knee.. i got this about 1.5 or 2 years ago...
and still it has not completely healed to look like normal
on touching it is very soft delicate and smooth that i pinch and needle it will be affected easily.

The 2nd pic is of my burn on lower portion of leg which get little burn due to hot silencer of bike which i got it from 5 years ago...the scar is still there and i wish if the skin will become normal after so many year

So do you think it is normal ??
If not then this is the reason the skin also haven't reapir completely on my penis itself too ??

The lesions on your leg are:1) a scar from trauma and 2) postinflammatory Hyperpigmentation meaning that irritation of the skin can cause increased skin pigment. Scar tissue never turns into normal skin but you can get a product called Kelo-cote that helps reduce the appearance of scars.


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