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I have been struggling with mild acne for some years now, and they are finally starting to go away, which I am ecstatic about! My acne marks, usually a brown color, were also beginning to fade quite extensively, and suddenly, they turned red again. I have not changed my routine whatsoever, I have been more stressed than usual however, and am completely baffled and a bit upset at this turn around. What could have caused this and is there a way to treat it? Thank you so very much!

Acne is a highly inflammatory infection that causes the surrounded skin area to be red. These types of marks appear from the infection and tend to disappear much quicker than other forms of skin discoloration. Red marks can be a good sign to let you know that acne is clearing up, but these marks should not be confused with discolored pigmentation or melanin.
Melanin results from the natural healing of skin injuries such as a burn or a cut. Red acne marks do not fall under this type of skin damage described and should be seen as a sign of acne disappearing instead. Those who have lighter skin will experience a higher chance of developing red marks during the healing process. Although these marks are temporary, the outcome of these marks are less likely to happen if the individual treat acne before it goes away on its own.
If acne was not treated prior, these spots will come but will only be temporary. The length of time before they are completely gone will vary on the severity of acne and how this red mark is treated. To decrease the chance of this mark leaving a discoloration, and to aid the healing process, here’s what you need to do.
Many over-the-counter products may include active ingredients such as vitamin C, glycolic acid, and retinol. These ingredient listed are known to help the skin produce more collage to repair tissue and reduce redness. Other ingredients like vitamin E and cocoa butter may for work some to help even out skin discoloration.


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