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Dermatology/Bumps on penile shaft and scrotom


Picture one
Picture one  

Image two
Image two  
I am a sexually active 23 year old male. Occupation Paramedic/Firefighter.

HPI: S/S began est January/February 14'. Painless and no itching noted. Located on penile shaft and on scrotum. No pus or pimple like symptoms noted. No attempt to pop or irritate bumps made. In the first image the larger bump came at the same time a skin tag developed inside right thigh. Small bumps also noted on stomach as well.

PMH: Ringworm located on both thighs and pelvis summer of 13'. Poss from fire protection gear worn during training. No other diagnosed conditions pertaining to area.
Rx: None
Allergies: None

Thank you for help with this!

The lesions on the penis could be molluscum contagiosum which is a virus. It is difficult from the pictures to tell the exact diagnosis. Treatment of this virus is with liquid nitrogen.  I would recommend you see your local dermatologist for treatment.


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