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I wasn't sure where to post this so I am hoping you'll be able to help me.  

3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cellulitis in my foot from a really bad rope burn on my ankle that my dogs leash caused. I went to the doctor within a day of noticing my foot start to swell and turn red and warm to the touch. I've never had cellulitis before.

I was given an injection of Rocephin that day and sent home with 10 days of Bactrim. The redness and a lot of the swelling went down within a couple days. I got a reaction to one of the medications and had to stop taking the Bactrim after 7 days. I went back to the doctor when I had the reaction and I asked her about the swelling, she said not to worry about it.

It's been almost 2 more weeks since then and my foot is still slightly puffy. I cannot see any of the bones that I can see in my other foot. It's even still puffy near my toes. The burn is still healing (very slowly). There's no pain except on the burn itself if I bump it on something or touch it. My foot is no longer red but I am very concerned that the puffiness in my foot is not going away.

Is it normal to still have this slight swelling/puffiness? Could I have permanent damage?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Yes it is normal to still have swelling.  Cellulitis is an infection of deeper tissue and also swelling of that tissue. It can take weeks for the swelling to resolve. There is even a possibility you may have to wear support hose to help the swelling resolve.


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