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Hello I had blister on my palm which i  think i  got from a chemical burn where the blister was it is still red swelling and burn after 6 months I had a X ray  it said it was a deep tissue injury tenosynovitis I was wonder if you can get celluitus  because it flares up and and is inflamed  from a chemical burn I  
feel i'm not getting many answer And wonder who i  need to see to get relief  or do you  have  any suggestion  Been to 5 doctors all that has been done  is xray Thank you Carolyn

Have you had a skin biopsy to determine a skin diagnosis?
Have you tried topical steroids such as
Clobetasol twice a day. Have you tried an anti- inflammatory antibiotic like prescription Solodyn?
Without seeing the skin it is difficult to make a diagnosis.


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