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Hi...I emailed you a few months ago and explained my situation with chronic hand eczema...You had given me advice to try Nicadan tablets but unfortunately I am from Canada and we do not have those over here...I was wondering if you knew of a product that is like nicadan but would be available to me in Canada or how I would go about getting a prescription for nicadan while being here in Canada?? I really feel these tablets would be good for me as they do not have any dreadful side affects. All help would be greatly appreciated...Thank you in advance....Jennafer

It is not quite the same but you can try Nicomide.  Nicomide is a member of the Vitamin B family, as it contains two forms of Vitamin B (folic acid and Niacinamide). It also contains zinc, which can reduce skin swelling and redness, and copper, which is added because zinc supplements can deplete the body's copper levels.


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