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Hello doctor, I had unprotected sex lastnight, and the girl does have herpes... and I felt and saw these weird symptoms about 5-7 hours later after sex, and i know herpes takes 2+ days to form into symptoms, but I'm having this weird feeling, it's not itching, nor burning on my penis and pubic hair area.

Also on my shaft there are these weird red dots, they are spread out, quite far, i know also herpes stays in groups, and are quite large from what i've seen, these are tiny little dots around my shaft, which are hard to show with my phone camera
i've got the other red marks to show up nicely on the shaft,
but on the head of my penis there are what looks to be tiny bumps as well, but they appear much bigger in some of the photos on my penis head.
Also, my penis head is sore to touch, when i clean it in the shower with soap it hurt to touch the gland, not so much the little red dots, but the penis gland hurts.
It does not hurt to urinate

The glans penis has a condition called balanitis.
Balanitis is swelling or irritation of the head of the penis.

possible causes include:

Diseases such as reactive arthritis and lichen sclerosis et atrophicus
Harsh soaps
Not rinsing soap off properly while bathing
Uncontrolled diabetes
Allergic reactions


Redness of foreskin or penis
Other rashes on the head of the penis
Foul-smelling discharge
Painful penis and foreskin

Exams and Tests
Your health care provider may be diagnosed the problem with only an exam. However, you may need skin tests for viruses, fungi, or bacteria. A skin biopsy may also be needed.

Treatment depends on the cause of the balanitis.

Antibiotic pills or creams are used to treat when balanitis that is caused by bacteria.
Steroid creams may help balanitis that occurs with skin diseases.
Anti-fungal creams will be prescribed if it is due to a fungus.

Outlook (Prognosis)
Most cases of balanitis can be controlled with medicated creams and good hygiene.  


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