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Hello Michael,

Not sure if you can help me but here goes!

I've started to use a dry skin body brush to help with the cellulite I've got (mostly on my legs).  I just wanted to know if this does actually help and if so, what method to use?  I've read conflicting information about starting at the feet then another starting in the armpits!!

Also, neither of my ears produce earwax or rather only produce a little earwax if I use, say, olive oil in them.  I guess I have some kind of skin condition because I used to swim, had swimmer's ear (in both ears), and since that time they are just flaky and itchy.  Is there a way to make the ears produce earwax again?  If not, is there any product you can recommend instead (to substitute for the lack of earwax?

Thanks for your help.


Go to the following web site for a great overview of cellulite. I would say the laser is the best approach.    The skin body brush is a waste of time and money.

Ear wax-is a substance secreted by special glands in the skin on the outer part of the ear canal. It repels water, and traps dust and sand particles. Usually a small amount of wax accumulates, and then dries up and falls out of the ear canal carrying with it unwanted particles. Ear wax is helpful in normal amounts and serves to coat the skin of the ear canal where it acts as a temporary water repellent. The absence of ear wax may result in dry, itchy ears, and even infection.
I know of no way to get the body to produce more ear wax. You may want to talk to an ENT and see what they say.  


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