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my age is 35. My hair on the scalp and chin ( beard)  getting white
and also i have problem of androgenic alpecia
for my baldness, iam using minoxidil 10% morning time , capixyl jel night time. W ill the help ful to me to get my hair back
And i came to know that a gel named (melitane ) melnora gel is useful to reverse the white hair on scalp
can i use the same product for my beard also (and also tell me any side effacts are there if i use it on my facial skin)

Melitane is more effective at treating lighter skin than in treating white hair. The white of the hair comes from the hair follicle which is deep in the skin. Melitane does not penetrate well to the deeper layers of the skin where the hair follicle resides. The most effective treatment for hair loss is topical minoxidil and the oral medication Propecia. However this combination is more effective for vertex hair loss than frontal hair loss. There should be no problem using the product on the face and scalp. If the face gets red from the treatment then stop.


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