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I have developed quite an itchy rash on my penis on scrotum. It has one large blotch at the bottom of the scrotum, and elsewhere there are pinkish spots, which can be lighter on the inside and redder on the out. I believe it to be either an eczema rash or fungal, though I am concerned about it because it is on my genetals. It seems to flctuate and has seemed to get better for spells and then worse again, it seems to get worse after masturbation. Often the best way to relieve the itching is washing and drying.

Without seeing the rash it is difficult to make a diagnosis. You most likely have an irritant or contact dermatitis. Try using Cortaid or Cortisone 10 twice a day for 14 days and see if that helps. The scrotum rarely gets a fungal infection. If the cortisone cream does. Or work then see your local dermatologist.


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