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Red spot
Red spot  
Hi there, sorry if this seems ridiculous but it's got me a bit worried. I noticed this red bump on my upper thigh, right on the front. At first it hurt a bit and it was pretty solid so I thought it was a really nasty pimple of some sort but it eventually softened a little and it doesn't hurt or tingle or anything, though it's still raised. It's been there for almost three weeks and doesn't show any signs of it going away. Sometimes it'll get really dry and scaly almost, and sometimes it'll look "normal" maybe with a ring of dry skin around it. I don't know why, but I pinched it with tweezers gently once and it started to bleed quite a bit, though it stopped quickly on it's own.

I'm 20, female, haven't been using any new soaps/laundry detergents/fabrics/shaving techniques that I haven't used for at least a year already. I'm on pentasa, wellbutrin, amlodipine, recently went on imuran and recently went on then weened off prednisone. Even a guess would be greatly appreciated. The picture makes it look a little lighter than it is.

What you have is an inflamed skin lesion. Causes could be from an ingrown hair, insect bite, skin trauma or irritation. Treatment can be with topical prescription cortisone, or intralesional cortisone injection, or even anti inflammatory antibiotics like tetracycline.


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