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Dermatology/rash clost to my genitals


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im dave 28 from california last month  i got. bit
itchy on one side of the leg and scratched and turned red
and the day after my other side was also same with these red rashtype.
they  were itchy alot but in about a week they disapeared,i used some tinacin cream.
could it be. some kind of fungus or jock rash,or ?
i asume might be rash of my underwear but your opinion
and advise would be very appreciated and helpful on knowing what  could it be ."
i do have more pictures taken during the process of the rashes on bothe legs if you need other pictures of it.thnx

The rash appears to be an irritant dermatitis. There is no evidence of an infection or a fungal infection. Treatment for such a rash is topical cortisone and emollient creams. Causes can left on soap, rubbing of clothing, allergic reactions, and others.


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