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Dermatology/frekle like spots on Penis


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Hi Doctor,

I am a 24 year old male of indian ethnicity. Earlier this year in June I had to undergo circumcision as recommended by my doctor as a treatment for recurrent balanoposthitis (I am not diabetic). I think its fair to say that it was not a pleasant experience. After the operation I immediately noticed that my frenulum was very swollen and i was very concerned about this and asked my doctor about it too and he constantly reassured me that it will subside. Unfortunately, my frenulum is still swollen and has not subsided. This has been a major cause of stress for me. Apart from this since the last month I have been noticing small freckle like brown spots localized in a part of my penis. They are not raised and do not feel any different on touch from similar skin. I have attached pictures of these dark spots. Would request you to please help me understand what these spots are as i'm starting to get very worried about it.


P.S. the spots also seem to be preset on the base of my the glans.

For the inflammation of your frenulum, I would use hydrocortisone that you can buy over the counter twice a day. The cortisone cream will help resolve the irritation or inflammation. The spots on the glans are called pearly penile papules which are benign and harmless.


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