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Dermatology/If it is tinea versicolor or penile psoriasis or lichen planus/nitidus on my penis foreskin and jack ?


I'm 23 years old male from Indian Ethnicity ,still a virgin and never drinks or smoke if it's useful for you to know .

"Brownish pink bumps" and "inflammatory patches" on my left side of penis foreskin and 2-3 bumps on down bottom of scrotum.
These bumps are same as both on penis foreskin and scrotum (little white). It has started developing since 5-6 years ago with an single bump and now transformed into this as shown in pic-

On Penis-

On Scrotum-

Inflammatory Patches:-

as I didn't cared much about it and never take precautions to take it seriously.

BUMP Symptoms:-
They don't burn ,give pain and itch . Itchiness sometimes occurs at night and  if i try to touch them .
Bumps feels scaly ,shiny and above the skin surface while patches are smooth ,shiny and are flat.

I have never used any type of Lubricant ever in my life for masturbation and have done some rough masturbation ones in the past. So all this may be due to friction for affect for long time.

Overall they appear harmless to me as they have only appearance issues as of now.
About my Health:-
I am completely sexually healthy and can masturbate and urinate without any problem.

Disease I've found similar from Internet Search-
Crawling internet I've come to see these terms which may match my current looking condition of bump - tinea versicolor, penile psoriasis and lichen planus/nitidus.

Could you please confirm me what it is actually? Please do tell me over the prescription non-harmful topical cream easily available which i can use and test whether it makes some improvement or not ?

The cause of lichen planus is unknown, though strong evidence suggests that inflammation, controlled by the immune system, gives rise to the lesions. However, certain diseases, medical conditions or other factors may act as triggers of lichen planus in some people.

The possible triggers of lichen planus include:

Hepatitis C infection
Hepatitis B vaccine
Flu vaccine
Certain pigments, chemicals and metals
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, others) and naproxen (Aleve, others)
Certain medications for heart disease, high blood pressure or arthritisP


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