For as long as I can remember I've had these tiny splatter of bumps on my foreskin, and around 4 years ago they began to appear around the slit on the head as well. What is it, and what might I do about it? They've never caused any discomfort but they don't look particularly appealing. Thanks you, in advance.

Many men suffer from Fordyce spots on and around their penises, usually along the shaft of the penis, around the base of the penis or on the testicles. (Rarely, they can occur on the head of the penis, in which case they are called Tysonís Glands.) Their appearance is fairly unsightly, giving the appearance of suffering from a sexually transmitted disease rather than Fordyce spots. Penises can become affected by small groups or lines of white or yellow spots or pimples that are known as Fordyce spots. Fordyce spots on the penis can cause real distress and concern to men, as they worry over what other people who see the spotís, particularly potential sexual partners, might think about the medical explanation.
But these types of lesions are harmless.


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