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QUESTION: Do you consider laser hair therapy effective for hair regrowth, and if so can any other form of light work as well?

ANSWER: The only laser hair treatment that I know of is where the laser kills the hair follicle thus laser hair removal.

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QUESTION: I read a laser at 650nm and 5mW can make hair follicles respond to that wavelength causing some regrowth. Never heard of it? I was hoping you could tell me if there is any merit to the suggestion? Any credible research on it?

Also known as Low Laser Light Therapy, this technology is similar to existing drugs and natural methods. The idea is that you can stimulate the scalp to do two things. The first is to get better circulation and nutrients to the hair follicles. The second is to rid the scalp of DHT, an androgen that causes the hair follicles to shut down and become malnutritioned in the first place. Thus, the laser works like Propecia and Rogaine. I have not seen any studies showing that it is effective.


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