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Dear doctor,
         I faced a problem about my skin tone. My age is 19. actually in the past my skin have lot of pimples, now its removed but it leave some brown colored spots.After this my skin tone become too much dull and black. please give me some home remedies to over come this problem.

For a dark spot corrector to be effective, is has to use the right ingredients. Many correctors claim to be using the best, but be careful- many do not use the right amounts of ingredients to really get results. Here's the proven ingredients you need to look for:

Alpha Arbutin: a compound derived from organic materials, Alpha Arbutin blocks the effects of melanin on the skin, removing dark spots quickly and safely
Resveratrol: another powerful melanin blocker, this has been clinically shown to reduce melanin production by 50%

Sepicalm-S: this compound is one of the most powerful anti-pigment and anti-inflammatory agents on the market- perfect for reducing acne scarring

Dangerous Ingredients to watch out for:

Sadly, many dark spot correctors still use ingredients proven dangerous. Using a product with these ingredients can have worse effects than simply not seeing results. These can cause serious damage to your health:

Hydroquinone: this carcinogenic chemical is actually banned in most countries- except the US! Why? Besides increasing skin sensitivity, it has been linked to tumor growth! This is not something you want to be rubbing into your skin.

Mercury: Believe it or not, mercury is still used in some skin products. The reason - it's cheap. Be very careful of this as it is one of the most harmful things you can put near your body. Mercury can destroy your kidneys and nervous system. Mercury is used more often the you think, so always, ALWAYS read the label before buying!


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