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Image of the glans and distal shaft
Image of the glans and  
I developed skin lesions over penile glans and coronal area which has worsened over last one month. Initially there was a small bumpy pink to red area which spread gradually. There is associated intense itching also. Due to that I developed cracks at coronal level.
No significant medical history.
Single partner - wife; no other contact.
Tried anti-fungal but didn't improve.
Use emolients, some partial response.
Your advise would be highly appreciated.
Thank you

You have what is called an irritant or contact dermatitis which irritates and drys out the skin. When cracks appear in the skin there can be low grade infection. If you are not allergic to iodine they the best treatment would be Vytone cream which is a prescription. Vytone contains iodine which covers infection and a mild cortisone which decreases inflammation and irritation.


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