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QUESTION: don't know if this question for you

but hope you can answer

i have this redish colour skin above sternum to the clavicles

kind ov like a 6 inch red X but still some red in the middle ov it

there is no pain

it is not that red

somehow there is more blood here under skin

what could be the cause or maybe it is even normal

but even other people have noticed

if you need a foto i can send

thanking you in advance

ANSWER: Please send a picture.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: ok here is picture sometimes more red than others but always same area

i did but not any more also have redish patch under both eyes

near side about the size 2 inches round. but not any more

You have an irritant or contact dermatitis. Some product or substance gets on your skin and breaks you out. Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is causing this condition. Treatment for the chest can be prescription Topicort Spray or Clobetasol Cream. For around the eyes you would use the prescription Cloderm or Locoid Lotion.


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