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Upper Lip with Raised Bump
Upper Lip with Raised  
Hi Doctor,
About 5 days ago, I met a guy and we kissed and fooled around for a bit. 3 days afterwards, I developed a raised bump on my upper lip and started getting a low grade fever. 99.6F. I was a bit unwell with muscles ache and constantly tired and a mild sore throat.

I'm wondering if this could be an onset of the herpes virus infection?  I tested negative for both HSV I and II antibodies in Feb'15. I have been testing every quarter prior to that and it all came back negative (all

Attached is an image of my upper lip and the bump is in the middle of my upper lip. I have been to 2 separate dermatologist and one said it is herpes while the other said it's not. Any advice u may have would be very much appreciated.


The lesion on the upper lip could be the beginning of herpes simplex. If you get another lesion in the same place again it is indeed herpes simplex. The problem with herpes is that you would be constantly shedding the virus even though you have no visible lesion. This is called asymptomatic viral shedding. Thus if kiss someone you could give them herpes even though you have no skin lesions. You can reduce this by taking an antiviral every day. It is called suppressive doses of antiviral medication.


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