QUESTION: I have had some acne on my back for some years. During this time my back has sometimes been warm (I then took something cold on my back). Sometimes I get a person to touch my back with the hand and scratch (or what to call it but only very soft) and that felt good. I also sometimes use the accupressure mat on my feet (so it's like I have some tension in my body). I did psychical exercise before but then also experienced this.
What could this be and how can medical science help me?

ANSWER: Diet can cause acne. Go to the following web site-
If you sweat when you exercise, the sweat can clog the pores causing acne. Treatment depends on the severity of acne. There are oral antibiotics like Solodyn and topical preparations like benzoyl peroxide.

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QUESTION: Isn't physical exercise (and sweating) good for your back and acne? People often say that.
Who can tell me what food is bad for my back (my dietist told me that she thought genetics was causing acne and not certain foods)?

Physical exercise is good but if the sweat stays on our skin for long periods it can clog pores and cause acne. The web page I gave answers the question about food. If my wife eats to much chocolate she breaks out. If I have too much fruit juice I break out with cysts. Thus diet plays a role in some people. Causes of acne include Stress, diet, hormones, medications, genetics, and of course food. For all patients with acne we give them a diet list of the common foods that cause acne.


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