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Dermatology/types of compounds in perspiration/sweat


A Conservator mentioned a Dermatologist may be able to give you the types of compounds that are in perspiration/sweat.  Then you could send the info to the chemical ecologist.
I am not familiar with the chemical composition of human sweat.  The only part of the body that I need this information for is for the feet.

Which types of compounds are in perspiration/sweat of peoples feet and do these compounds also contribute to foot odor?

Thank you!

Then special glands in your skin called what else? sweat glands start making sweat. Sweat is also known as perspiration (say: pur-spuh-ray-shun), and it is made almost completely of water, with tiny amounts of other chemicals like ammonia (say: uh-mown-yuh), urea (say: yoo-ree-uh), salts, and sugar. (Ammonia and urea are left over when your body breaks down protein.)
The smell of sweat is caused by the breakdown of sweat by bacteria. Treatment can be with topicals a like Drysol and the compounded glycopyrrolate. The oral medications have to many side effects.


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