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dr fisher/I am 81 years old and have atheletics foot.i am is mild  light brown streak inbetween toes and mild doctor says even if I get cut inbetween toes chances of celliutis is cuts between my toes.been on lamsil cream 3 weeks slow healing.dont want oral pills I am diabetic and take concerned about chances of celliutis with diabetic athletes foot

You will not get cellulitis as long as you treat your skin condition between your toes. There is a very easy way that is effective and does not cost a lot of money. You can use Tincture of Iodine between your toes. It will stain the skin orange for a while but it is very effective, Iodine kills bacteria, virus, yeast and fungus. Some athletes foot not only has fungus but also bacteria. That is why Iodine is so good. You can treat once or twice a day for two weeks and that should solve the problem as long as you do not have an allergy to iodine.


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