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I had a cut under my left eye about an inch in length and I had stitches for a week, when the stitches were removed there was a small scar the doctor told me to apply spectra gel on it after another week, now I have been applying the gel for 4 days now but I'm noticing that the scar is actually becoming more prominent and its color is becoming more reddish.

Now is that normal? and is it OK that started using the gel just a week after removing the stitches?
and when will the scar start to fade out?


The medication we use for scar therapy is called Kelocote. After surgery it is normal for the tissue to become red. It can take a few weeks for the redness to resolve. You can use the gel right after the stitches are removed. If the scar thickens then you could develop a keloid or hypertrophic scar. And if that were to occur you would need to revisit your doctor.


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