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Hi there I have an itchy scalp and skin condition. My scalp itches at top of head or back of scalp near hairline often even just after washing. Went to dermatologist doc have me ketaconzale shampoo 2 percent but doesn't work that well. Plus it doesnt suds it supposed to? Also I have pimples now along sides of my face and on my chin and near my ears. My wears get itchy too. Went to 2 dermatologists one said I have prurigo nodularis other said seborrheatia dermatitis? Ithis itching is driving me mad! I can't even wear my hair down or even a few pieces down when I wear ponytail or my hair up as it will make me itch like. Razy. I got Coldwell this time and triamcinode last time. Cloves works a little better but still can slightly sting. Calamine seems to work better. This is very u know a natural cure I can use to help this condition, also tried calendula cream works not too bad please advise I am 40 white female.

First of all you have a scalp condition called seborrhea can dermatitis. I would try a prescription shampoo called Clodan Shampoo and alternate that with Head and Shoulders anti dandruff shampoo. Or you could get Kenalog Spray and use it twice a day on your scalp for the itching along with Head and shoulders shampoo in the morning.
Pimples on the side of your face is acne. Typical treatment includes a topical medication called Ziana or Epiduo and an oral antibiotic like Solodyn. There are no good natural cures for acne.


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