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I'm 69 years old and in excellent health....I've been a daily runner for over 20 years and have annual physicals, etc., with all tests, cholesterol, etc., good.  I have relatively dark skin and tan easily but don't overdo it.  I've always had a hard type cartilage at the tip of my nose (ever since rhinoplasty) 25 years ago.  The last few weeks i've had trouble with my allergies (sneezing, etc) and have developed what appears to be a "bump" of some type at the tip of my nose. Not sure if it's an under the skin pimple or not.   It's unnoticeable to others but I know it's there.  The bump seems to be under the skin and feels hard. It's about the size of a pea and there appears to be a red type head on it (although difficult to see).  It doesn't hurt and it's the same color as my skin. I guess it looks almost cyst like. I'm tempted to try and pop it but that's probably not the right thing to do.....Not sure if it means anything, but prior to this appearing I had been pulling hair out of my nose in that area...(I know I shouldn't be doing that but too late now) Wonder if that can be a causal factor.....appreciate your opinion.

Without seeing the lesion it is difficult to make a decision. This could be some type of cyst under the skin. Cortisone injection into the cyst could help it resolve. If the lesion is rough it could be either a pre cancer or a benign lesion called a seborrheic keratosis.


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