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Hello, I am very confused on how high the PPD levels of sunscreens need to be in order to give optimal UVA protection.  Is there much of a difference in UVA protection with a sunscreen that has  a PPD of 32 than that compared to one which has a PPD of 42?  Or is it like with the SPF rating where protection levels become negligible after say 30?  
Sunscreens are very expensive, and I can save money buying the lower PPD 32 but I will step up and pay more if buying the higher 42 is worth the expense.  
It's just that the cancer history in my family is appalling, and earlier this year my sister was diagnosed with skin cancer but has gotten treatment in time..  I want to do as much as a I can in regards to prevention while I'm still young.
Thank you

5  or more sun burns in your life equates to a 50-80%
Increase in melanoma. Over ten tanning bed treatments to over 50% increase in
Melanoma. The meetings I attend recommend an SPF of 40-50.  The best sun screen has ingredients of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. You must reapply every two hours.


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