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Dermatology/skin growth on penis


after masturbation
after masturbation  
before masturbation
before masturbation  
QUESTION: hi i am 25 years old and have had regular unprotected sex 5 years ago.My partner is not suffering from any STD or STI.
i have some growth along the shaft of my penis and on the head as well near the hole.
the growth i am having is numerous little white things made of flesh and it seems like they are growing from inside,i can peel them off,it doesn't hurts and neither does it feels
there are little white spots left when the growth is not there.
the growth sometimes appear to have grown and sometimes it is clear(though white spots still remain there.)

there is no pain whatsoever and no secretion.
during masturbation some of them get detached from the root and i can take it in my hand it is just white skin.

The growth appears to grow when i do not masturbate.the first pic is taken when i did not masturbate for 4 days and the second is taken after masturbating 6 times there is a huge visible difference.

i got it checked out by a dermatologist and he said it is not due to any STD or an STI he prescribed me coconut oil and tacrolimus ointment 0.1% but there is no relief
i am very worried about it what could it be ??

ANSWER: You appear to have what are called Milia which are benign cysts in the skin. They are difficult to remove with topical medication. We usually extract them with a lancet. They are not an STD.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your reply doctor.
I have few follow up questions-
1.Are these recurring?
2.What are the chances of it reappearing if i get them removed ?
3.What causes milia ? Is it triggered by some external factor ?
4.Is there anything i can do to avoid it from recurring again ?
5.What are the after effects in case i get it removed through a lancet,are there scars or wounds ?
6.How much time does it usually takes to recover ?
7.Does it effects the penis in any way- cosmetically or functionally ?
8.Is there any other alternative than getting it removed physically through lancet ?
9.What if i do not get it removed or treated? do they increase or spread like an infection and appear in greater number ?

Thank you very much :)

ANSWER: 1) if you use oils or thick products on your skin this can continue.
2) they will not reappear once removed unless you use oils or thick lubricants.
3) ointments, oils or thick produce on the skin can cause this.
4) do not use ointments or oils.
5) it will take a few days for the skin to heal. Scarring is only see if one is to aggressive at removing the lesions.
6) 3-7 days
7) functionally-no, close, cosmetically-maybe but you do not need to get the lesions removed as they are benign.
8) there is no other way to remove them that I know of.
9) you do not need to get them removed. They do not spread unless you use thick liquids or ointments.

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QUESTION: What i understand from your answers doctor is that this was maybe caused due to the lubricant used.

1. I generally use coconut oil and some times skin moisturizer.What could be the alternative to that if it is causing milia. Will using the same lubricants and wiping them off to make the organ completely dry serve the purpose? Or is it unsafe if there is oil or a thick product on the skin even for a little while ?  

2.Why does the skin grows out of it,what is it called ? Even when i do not apply anything and the penis is completely dry for days the skin grows out from the milia at a rapid speed.


Another possibility is that the lesions are pores in the skin that get inflamed from thick lubricants and the condition resolves. Once mile come they do not resolve on their own. Thus, I would have to say that the lesions are irritated pores or follicles. Coconut oils could cause the problem.


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