Dermatology/psoriasis or not ?


leg pict
leg pict  
Dear Doctor,

         My mother 70 years old started itching on leg tried antibiotic amoxylin for 2 weeks. no remedy.

then skin doctor tried phexin,propysalic NF  oinment,atarax and moisturizer soap. no reduction in itching.also taken psoriasis

profile blood test. she told she had psoriasis.i could not find anything on the blood test as checking ref range).Another skin

doctor solved itching by giving ebase 10mg,xyzal 5 mg in alternate session( morning and night).also gave propysalic NF-6

oinment. after 10 days it is followed by hhsalic cream,atarax,and moisturising soap. itching stoped.she had 2 problem. one is

her leg has cracks and now it itches. also the portion where oinment applys turned to black. what is the remedy? after

consultation ,doctor suggested propysalic NF-6 for crack during night  ,hh salic for legs where color changed and xerina

foot cream for crack ( during morning and afternoon),ebase and xysal tablets. she has been under BP tablet larvos SR for

more than 7 years. i thought it is due to this BP tablet?Is it good to apply propysalic NF-6 for leg for 10 days? how to attach blood test result which I am having ?


Your mother does not have psoriasis. Foot cracks are caused by dry skin. She can try Aquaphor Ointment on her feet twice a day. The picture shown looks like post inflammatory hyperpigmentation meaning that trauma to the area caused the darkness of the skin. I would try Clobetasol Cream twice a day for two weeks then rest one week and then repeat the Clbetasol.


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