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Potential herpes infection
Potential herpes infec  
I have a rash on my left cheek near my anus that is very sore and more like three sore spots. There is no weeping or discharge but it is itchy and sore, could be irritated by sweat. I am wondering if it could potentially be anal herpes , though I have slept with many people on the past I have not had sex for 7 months and the symptoms have been present day a month ago then went away and have come back, I am wondering if it could be a thrush type thing. I have just got over a Nasty cold and do have a very stressful job.

Any help is greatly appreciated

The only way you will know if you have Amal herpes is to get a culture of the area and see if it is positive for herpes. Most normal skin lesion are not painful unless they are infected. Painful skin lesion are usually herpes but a culture has to be done.


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